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Why do we need Web Hosting- 5 Reasons

April 22, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Why do we need Web Hosting- 5 Reasons

Web hosting is the fundamental need of the website simply like we need a home to stay vice versa our website needs web hosting to stay on the internet. Web hosting is a home of your website where your website lives

Just by registering the good domain name doesn’t make your website live you need a web hosting for that and make your website active.

Web hosting is the space you rent on a web server to store your website files. A web hosting company helps you to buy a web space for your website and make your website accessed by the people on the web.

To avoid website downtime, you need reliable web hosting that doesn’t let your website down on the internet. If your website goes down and your user faces a problem in reaching your website due to server problem it makes a bad effect on your user and resulting in the bad reputation of the website.

To make your website live on the web, you need a Web hosting Company.

5 Reasons Why web hosting is needed

  • For Better Loading Speeds

According to Google, your website must be loaded within 3 seconds if your website takes more than that time then it will make your website suffer from the huge bounce rates because no one likes the slow website in the era of fast internet connection. 

  • For Improved Online Security

Online Security is a must to make your website secure from online threats. Choose the hosting provider that provides the best security so that your user gets assured about their information which they shared on your website. Whether you run a simple blog or e-commerce website online security is essential.

  • For Reliable Uptime

When you start search something on Google and then you encountered with the website that takes an hour to load a page. Did you go to visit that website again if it came in front of you? I bet you will skip the website

That’s why first impressions are said to be important. So you should choose the reliable hosting provider that is known for the excellent server uptime.

  • For Conduct Frequent Backups

You need to remember that your hosting provider servers (Web hosting Company) can also go down at any time. It is important for you to choose the professional web host that conducts frequent backups if in case their server goes down then they simply get another one as they have backups ready. 

  • For Improved SEO

Search engine optimizations help in driving the organic traffic for your website. Choosing the right Web hosting Company also helps in improving the website performance on the search engines and also improves the website SEO more than you thought.


A reliable Web Hosting Company helps in managed all your backend concerns and also takes care of maintenance and repair of the servers. A web host provider is there to make your web hosting easier and hassle-free. While there is a lot of a web hosting company out there so it advised you to always do a little bit of research before choosing and get the good services at an affordable price.


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